OUR BRAND

At PLAYONNA, our aim is to allow even more women to shine, look and feel younger with genuine, safe and very effective anti-aging skincare products.

We aspire to create a great anti-aging skin products made from best known cold-pressed organic and natural ingredients.

We believe we've created the top quality natural anti-aging skincare products that women can afford to use on a day-to-day basis.

We want your daily skincare routine to be SIMPLE, FAST and EFFECTIVE. Anytime. Anywhere.

It took us a few years to find the most perfect natural and organic hypo-allergic skincare ingredients to suit all skin types.

Today, we are proud of outstanding quality of every ingredient that lives inside each PLAYONNA product, lovingly developed and produced in town of Milton, Ontario, Canada.

Look great and feel proud of your look. Be beautiful 24/7.


                                             MEET THE FOUNDER



Vadim is a dreamer, a loving father of two, a man about town, and an entrepreneur. Having studied medicine, he has worked in Canadian hospitals, long-term care and Toronto community, and has been actively involved in some of his family’s businesses.

PLAYONNA wasn’t born in a day. But the idea behind it was instant. And it started with one statement made by 45-years-young-looking Vadim's co-worker and it ended up with big discussion of her step-by-step daily skincare routine. 

It was during a nursing meeting when one of Vadim's co-workers stated she will be 65 next year and she was going to retire soon. Vadim turned to her, looked at her face and couldn't believe she was almost 65. Indeed, she looked at least 25 years younger!! She had beautiful smooth glowing skin, with no visible wrinkles on her forehead and around the eyes. It turned to be a big shock for everybody in his nursing team too as everybody though she was about 45 years old.

Vadim was very impressed as his co-worker got amazing younger look with only natural and organic face skincare products, and never used injectable cosmetic procedures or plastic surgeries. The only problem with her skincare routine was the creams, cleansers and serums she used were at the range of $120 US - $150 US and cost her significant amount of money per year.

During that "how-to-look-younger-with-just-anti-aging-skincare" discussion, Vadim got a thought: "Wouldn't it be a great idea to help all his team members and thousands of other women to look 10 or 20 years younger with no expensive cosmetic procedures, and only with natural and organic anti-aging skincare products that really work... and are AFFORDABLE? 

That's how an idea on starting a new top quality anti-aging skincare PLAYONNA line was born. Every product had to be scientifically developed in Canada with premium quality natural anti-aging ingredients made from organic cold-pressed seeds, be hypo-allergic, fit all skin types and deliver desirable effect. Also, be affordable! That made so much sense for him.

'When you on the go, you need to keep up with your morning skincare routine quick and convenient without the need to always wait for the serums and creams to absorb fast before you apply a make-up’.

What started as a passion project, in skincare to his main career, soon became a meticulously thought through, three year journey.

Vadim started Playonna with a simple philosophy - safe top quality antiaging skincare products with proven natural and organic ingredients that will enhance and preserve natural  beauty. He works with top Canadian experts to craft scientifically proven products that enhance your natural beauty.

By offering many of PLAYONNA products exclusively online, PLAYONNA's Team is able to pass along their cost savings directly to you. By sourcing PLAYONNA products in extremely small batches, they are able to provide the freshest, premium product at an exceptional value.

To take it a step further PLAYONNA ensures their customers get best products on the market at affordable prices so that they can enjoy the results worry free and get top quality natural anti-aging products on ongoing basis.
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